By turning a variety of digital assets into an immediately interactable POS, Playrcart’s versatile platform allows customers to buy in an instant without ever leaving the Ad or publisher environment, increasing engagement and conversion significantly.
Seamless transaction experience

Seamless transaction experience

When an Ad catches your customer’s eye, they will be presented with an immediate, frictionless checkout experience in both open web and social environments. An intuitive user experience and cached autofill enable 3-4s in-Ad checkout and 2-5s purchase times on social platforms.

Efficient fulfilment and integration

The flawless checkout process enables a purchase to be complete without interrupting scrolling. Thanks to third-party system integrations and our network of fulfilment partners, order information is instantly passed to the brands’ commerce & payment stack for the order to be fulfilled.
Efficient Fulfilment
Interactive In-Ad Checkout

Interactive In-Ad checkout for increased conversion

Easy to integrate with videos, display ads or rich media, customers can interact during the checkout process to select products, sizes, colours, preferred retailers and more, adding a whole new layer of engagement to your Ads.

Obtain first party data and behavioural insights

An enticing transaction experience leads to increased conversion, and an array of customer consented data capture. First party and behavioural data is collected; personal contact details, dwell time, product preference and much more. Continually optimize your ads and paid media strategy for improved conversions and ROI.
Obtain first party data

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