Playrcart has developed global leading digital fundraising technology that revolutionises the way charities engage with donors & reduces friction in online giving processes.

Entice your desired audience into a donating to your worthy cause without redirecting them from their content & environment.

“Taking into consideration the overall conversion rate of 1.2% for charity websites, plus the average online donation of £96.60”

Reason Digital

Video Player

Playrcart’s High definition video player, ensures your brands assets are delivered in quality & at scale.

Customer Data Capture

Capture your donors contact details for retargeting & further communications.

Choose Payment Method

Allow your donors to choose a donation method that suits them, whether it is Apple Pay, PayPal, Credit card OR adding the donation to their phone bill. Playrcart’s platform enables these and more.


Playrcart has gathered the donors preferences, personal details and donation information & the fundraising is confirmed. At this stage, Playrcart systems pass this info directly to your charity’s CRM & Donation stack.

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