Making advertising transactable.

Playrcart’s platform enables FMCG and consumer brands to convert digital assets into being instantly transactable, increasing engagement and reducing clicks to check out by over 70%.

Playrcart works whether you want to buy, book, donate or sign up.

Playrcart has been successfully used across multiple customer engagement formats, allowing brands easier capture, signups, increasing sales or raising donations.

Playrcart is platform agnostic.

Playrcart will work with you to integrate its technology wherever your video, display, or rich media sits. Customers will experience less online checkout friction, increasing their engagement as well as your ROI.

Working with world’s leading brands

Backed by marketing industry heavyweights, Playrcart has already deployed its technology across multiple industry sectors, working with brands such as AB InBev, Vodafone, Ford, Warners Bros, Rimmel and L’Oreal. And Networks such as Teads, JustPremium, Gum Gum, Google DV360, Sublime Skins, Hearst and Social Platforms.

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