Live Stream Commerce

Use Playrcart’s technology to supercharge live stream advertising.
Integration with our platform will enable you to perform any CTA directly from within the streaming environment, allowing viewers to transact without leaving the live stream. Take advantage of a uniquely engaging marketing medium.
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In-stream transactions

Playrcart’s technology is the only global solution to enable a full live stream to be opened directly within the social platform, prompting viewers with a seamless in-stream checkout. Increase engagement by retaining viewers attention.

Sell multiple products within one stream

Playrcart creates one interactive environment for users to select, view and purchase different products. It overlays on existing live stream activities allowing each new product being displayed by the live stream host to become clickable or buyable.
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Obtain first party data and behavioural insights

Acquire customer consented data directly to your CRM. With Playrcart, you will own all first party data even with incomplete transactions. Capture not just contact details, but rich data on shopper intent and behaviour insights in real-time to better understand your customers and truly power your marketing.
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Enhanced reporting and analytics

End-to-end analytics and view of sales funnel events and campaign results. See referring sites, ad impressions, clicks, user interactions and much more.
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Test Drive

Single portal for all social platforms

Save time by not having to set up each individual social platform with reporting scattered across different accounts. Access unified reporting and real-time analytics across all social platform activations from one central dashboard.

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