Social Commerce

Playrcart’s platform allows you to take advantage of social media’s vast user base with enticing transactable ads that allow customers to checkout within the platforms themselves.
Optimize your ads on the most popular social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more.
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Obtain first party data

Capture and own first party data

Acquire customer consented data directly to your CRM. With Playrcart, you will own all first party data even with incomplete transactions. Capture not just contact details, but rich data on shopper intent and behavior insights in real-time to better understand your customers and truly power your marketing.

Optimize your influencer strategy

Our optimized checkout flow within social media can be utilised both on paid ads AND organic posts. Maximize your influencer marketing activity and accurately measure ROI across all social content for each campaign.
Efficient Ad Spending
Protect brand integrity

Protect brand integrity

A completely customizable user experience (UX) interface provides consistency across all ad formats and devices. Preserve your brand integrity by driving traffic directly to your product via your chosen fulfilment channel/s, rather than to their entire online catalogue.

Single portal and integration for all social platforms

Save time by not having to set up each individual social platform with reporting scattered across different accounts. Access unified reporting in one central dashboard for real-time analytics.
Single Platform

For DTC Brands (direct to consumer)

Arrow icon While seamlessly integrated, the optimized checkout flow is hosted in isolation away from the brand’s website and social platforms.
Arrow icon Enables you to test new workflows, checkout flows and payment gateways prior to incorporating them into full website runs.
Arrow icon Gain a clear view of customer behaviour in relation to specific marketing channels with detailed metrics - a prime solution for a post-cookie world.

For CPG Brands (consumer packaged goods)

Arrow icon Create a miniature DTC website without having to build and maintain a full commerce infrastructure.
Arrow icon Gain a true, in-depth and actionable understanding of actual product sales.
Arrow icon Access real-time data analytics on engagement with products and customer funnel activity.

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